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Banks that M1 Finance does not Support

Yes, in an effort to avoid ACH returns and fraudulent activity, M1 does not accept ACH relationships established through the following institutions and routing numbers:


Routing Number Bank
124085024 GE Money Bank
101019084 Central Bank of Kansas City
021409169 RushCard (JPM Chase)
031101169 Bancorp, NetSpend Bank
114924742 Bancorp, NetSpend Bank
124303120 Green Dot Bank, (Bonneville Bank)
061120000 Green Dot Bank, (Synovus)
084003997 MetaBank (Memphis)
073972181 MetaBank (Sioux Falls, SD)
061120084 First Century Bank, Payoneer
124071889 American Express Centurion Bank
124085024 Green Dot Bank (Pasadena)
124302529 Green Dot Bank (Provo)
124303162 GoBank Division of Green Dot Bank
031101279 Chime Bank
62202985 Metropolitan Commercial Bank
26014902 Metropolitan Commercial Bank
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