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Tax Form Consolidated 1099

What is a Consolidated 1099?
This tax document reports any taxable event on a taxable account. Below are the different account types: 
  1. Individual
  2. Joint

How do I know if I should receive a Consolidated 1099?
M1 will always notify you via email if you are eligible for a tax document. You may also check by verifying if you had a taxable event (link to page) for you taxable brokerage account.

Where can I find this document?
Log into your M1 account, click your name at the top right and select "Settings".


After, select the "Documents" tab and you will see a checkbox for "Tax Forms". Once that is selected, you will see the tax form(s) if you are eligible to view them: 


If I received a Consolidated 1099, what should I do with it? 
M1 Finance does not provide legal or tax advice. Make sure you consult with a legal or tax professional if you have any questions on how this tax document will impact you.

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