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M1 Integration with Turbo Tax


Please NoteAlthough most tax documents are available in paper form, the integration with TurboTax will be completed on 2/18/19. After this date you will be able to integrate M1 with TurboTax with the below instructions.


Yes, M1 does integrate with TurboTax! Please make sure to follow the M1 Finance AND Turbo Tax instructions below. 

M1 Finance Instructions: 

Prior to visiting the TurboTax website - you must first find your M1 account number(s). If you have more than one account number, you will need to go through this process and the TurboTax process for each account

To find your M1 Account Number:

  • Log into your M1 account and click the "Menu" button and then click "Settings". 


  • One you get to that screen - click the "Account" tab and you will see your account below. 

TurboTax Instructions: 

To import into Turbo Tax:

  • Start a new return from the "File" menu while in Turbo Tax

  • On the next screen you will need to enter “M1 Finance” into the field “I’m looking for”.  Select “M1 Finance” and then press “Continue”.

  • You will then be presented with a login screen. Your log in credentials will be the following: 
    • Login: Your M1 Account Number
    • Password: Your Social Security Number 






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