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Does M1 integrate with H&R Block?

Yes. Follow these steps to enter tax forms into H&R Block for each taxable account that received a consolidated 1099.

1. From the Federal Income tab, click “Add” next to Investments, then click “Visit Topic” next to “1099-B Sale of stocks…”

2. Under "Your Income" Click “Yes”

3. Under "What's your Financial Institution?" Click "Other"

4. Type “Apex” next to “Financial Institution” and select “Apex Clearing Corporation” from the drop-down. Click “Next”

5. Enter your account number in the “Apex User ID" field. You can find this number at the top of your 1099 next to “Account Number".

6. Apex Password is your Tax ID (usually your social security number). Click “Import”

7. If the import was successful, you will see a summary of imported transactions. 


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