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How long does my withdrawal take?

Normal Withdrawal Timing 

Most withdrawals will be a normal withdrawal. These funds are typically received 2-4 business days following the next Trading Window. 


Settlement Period: Before any funds can be disbursed to our users, all sales must settle. Settlement occurs on T+2 (Trade Date plus two trading days). Funds take two trading days after their sale to be available for disbursement. 

Example: A withdrawal is requested on Thursday. Securities are sold on Friday and will generally settle on the following Tuesday. 

Holding Period: All new deposits to the M1 system require a 6 business day holding period before they can be withdrawn. After 6 business days, the transfer to your bank begins. 

Example: You deposit $500 into your account on Monday the 1st of the month. A withdrawal for $100 after this will be held until Tuesday the 9th before the transfer to your bank begins.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Regulations: All funds received from a banking institution can only be returned to that same bank for 60 days. For their first 60 days, funds received cannot be disbursed to a different bank then from where they were originated. If you have a specific need to bypass this restriction, please reach out to and they can help with your request. 


Quick Withdrawals

In some cases, M1 Finance quick withdrawals allow you to receive your requested funds on the trading day following the next Trading Window. 


Margin: M1 automates next day withdrawals using margin. An M1 user is restricted to only quick withdraw the funds that are available for margin. Accounts must be over $2,000 and the amount available for quick withdrawal is typically 50% of your portfolio value over $2,000.


Additional Details

Pending Transfers

M1 only allows for a single pending transfer at a time. Until a transfer request is completed or canceled, you will be unable to create a new deposit or withdrawal. Before completion transfers can always be canceled in the funding tab. 

Trading Days

M1's trading window occurs at 9am CT every day the NYSE market is open. This is every weekday except for the NYSE holidays.


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