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When can I expect my transfer to complete?

M1 Transfers 

At M1 Finance there are two types of transfers: 


Deposits:  Money is transferred into your M1 Portfolio from your connected bank account

Withdrawals:  Money is transferred from your M1 Portfolio to your connected bank account


How to: 

To create a deposit or withdrawal request 

  • Go to the funding tab
  • Click on desired action (deposit or withdrawal)
  • Choose a dollar amount
  • Choose the frequency
  • M1's automation will handle the rest



Deposits are initiated during the next available trading window after the deposit was requested.  M1 has one trading window each trading day commencing at 9 am Central Time. (“Trading Window”). 

    Example 1: A user submits a deposit at 1pm on Monday, the deposit will be initiated and traded upon during the next Trading Window, which in this example will usually be the Tuesday morning Trading Window, if that Tuesday is a trading day. 

    Example 2: A user makes a deposit on Saturday afternoon. The deposit will normally be completed during the trading window on the following Monday. 


Scheduled Deposits: 

At M1, automation empowers users to create weekly and monthly deposit schedules. Scheduled deposits are completed during the first trading window following the scheduled date. 

    Example: A user has a $1,000 scheduled deposit on the 1st of every month. If the 1st falls on a Tuesday, that deposit will be made during the Tuesday Trading Window but if the 1st falls on a Saturday, that deposit will generally be completed during the following Monday's Trading Window.



You can request up to $50,000 a day to be withdrawn from the M1 platform. All withdrawal requests are initiated during the next available Trading Window. 


Quick Withdrawals:

M1 Finance quick withdrawals allow users to receive their requested funds on the trading day following the next Trading Window. 

Quick Withdrawal Restrictions: 


M1 automates next day withdrawals using margin. An M1 user is restricted to only quick withdraw the funds that are available for margin. Accounts must be over $2,000 and the amount available for quick withdrawal is typically 50% of your portfolio value over $2,000.


Normal Withdrawals 

All funds not available for quick withdraw will be a normal withdrawal. These funds are typically received 2-4 business days following the next Trading Window. 

Normal Withdrawal Restrictions: 

Settlement Period

Before any funds can be disbursed to our users, all sales must settle. Settlement occurs on T+2 (Trade Date plus two trading days). Funds take two trading days after their sale to be available for disbursement. 

    Example: Securities that were sold on a Friday will generally settle on the following Tuesday. 

Holding Period

All new deposits to the M1 system require a 5-day holding period before they are available for disbursement. 

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Regulations

All funds received from a banking institution can only be returned to that same institution for 60 days. For their first 60 days, funds received cannot be disbursed to a different bank then from where they were originated. If you have a specific need to bypass this restriction, please reach out to and they can help with your request. 

Pending Transfers

M1 only allows for a single pending transfer at a time. Until a transfer request is completed or canceled, you will be unable to create a new transfer. Before completion transfers can always be canceled in the funding tab. 

Trading Days

M1's trading window occurs at 9am CT every day the NYSE market is open. This is every weekday except for the NYSE holidays:


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