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What is delaying my withdrawal?

There are a couple scenarios that can delay a withdrawal. The most common scenario is when you request a withdrawal, M1 must first sell your holdings. The standard trade settlement times takes 3 business days before funds are sent back to your bank and it typically takes banks 1-2 business days to post the funds back in your account. Another common scenario that can delay a withdrawal is if a deposit has been made into your M1 account within 5 business days from requesting a withdrawal. M1's clearing partner is obligated to hold these funds for 5 business days in order to comply with anti-money laundering rules. Once the 5 days has passed, M1 will be able to disburse your withdrawal. Finally, another scenario that can delay a withdrawal is if you have recently changed your connected bank. In order to prevent fraud and money laundering, M1 can require the user to withdraw funds back to the bank from where the funds originated. 

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