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How to invest in a second Pie? (Web)

My Pies

The building block of your M1 Portfolio, my Pies are collections of stocks, ETFs, or other Pies that empower you to organize and manage your custom portfolio.

Creating your My Pie

To create a My Pie, you will use the My Pie creation tool. It is here that you will create your own My Pie using choosing from over 6,200 stocks and exchange traded funds (ETFs).



Adding your My Pie 

Once you create your My Pie, it is not immediately incorporated in your portfolio. The My Pie creation center, you develop and experiment with new My Pies before they are funded. A new My Pie must be added to your active portfolio before its invested. You can add a My Pie to your portfolio directly from the My Pies page, or when editing your portfolio.



Initial Funding

Once your My Pie is included in your active portfolio, it will be included in all future trading events. For more information on how the M1 Automated Trading System works please read: How M1 Trades 



What if I don't want to add a My Pie to my current active portfolio?

Some people don't want to add a newly created My Pie to their current portfolio or they want to manage their cash movements separately with their new My Pie. To accomplish this, go ahead and create a new account/portfolio under your single M1 login. To create a new account, click your name in the dashboard and go through the add account flow. Once you've created your new account, you can now add your My Pie to this portfolio and manage it completely separately from your original portfolio.


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