How do I create a wire transfer? 


Wire money into M1 Invest 

To wire money into your M1 Invest account use the following instructions:  


Bank name: BMO Harris Bank  

Bank address: 111 W. Monroe St., Chicago, IL 60603  

ABA: 071000288  

Account name: Apex Clearing  

Account number: 3713286  

Memo: "Your Name" and "Account Number"  

Additional tips 

  • Make sure your name should exactly match your name on your M1 account.  
  • Your M1 account number will start with 5Q or 5M and can be located in your settings.  

If you need further help, please contact us.


Wire money from M1 Invest  

To get started, please contact us and confirm the following information:   

  • Amount of transfer   
  • Receiving account number   
  • Receiving account routing number   
  • Reason for initiating a wire transfer  

Additional instructions 

  • To wire funds to an outside account that isn’t currently connected with your M1 Invest account, please provide a signed Letter of Acceptance from the receiving firm.   
  • Funds must be settled to be transferred.  
  • All new deposits to M1 Invest require a six-business day holding period before they can be withdrawn. After six business days, the transfer to your bank begins.  
  • For example, if you deposit $10,000 into your account on Monday the 1st, a wire for $7,000 will be held until Tuesday the 9th before the transfer to your bank begins.  

There is a $25 fee to complete an outgoing wire transfer. 


Wire money into M1 Spend  

To get started, please contact us and confirm the following information: 

  • Wire amount  
  • Sending institution  
  • Reason for wire transfer  

If you’re looking to transfer less than $10,000, or $50,000 if you are an M1 Plus member, an ACH transfer will typically complete within one to two business days.  

If you’re unable to complete an ACH transfer or have a larger amount that needs to be transferred, we'll be able to process this as a wire transfer.   

Once this information is received, we’ll send back the necessary wire instructions. The sending institution (your former brokerage) will follow them for the wire to be properly initiated.   


Wire money from M1 Spend 

To get started, please contact us and confirm the following information: 

  • Wire amount  
  • Reason for wire transfer  
  • Receiving institution’s wire instructions  

Please be prepared to upload a photo of your non-expired government-issued photo ID to verify your request.

Once all information is received, our support team will escalate this to our Spend team for review. 

Outgoing ACH transfers typically complete within two to five business days.  


If you want to wire to an outside account  

Please provide a signed letter of acceptance from the receiving institution that includes all of the following: 

  • Signature from the receiving institution 
  • Name 
  • Company address 
  • Phone number 
  • Indication that they accept the wire transfer 


To wire to a separate personal bank account OR if you haven’t made any transfers to M1 through this personal bank account yet 

Please provide a copy of the bank statement for the account.

To learn more about wiring money in and out of your Spend account, check out this FAQ. 


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