What securities can I transfer?

M1 performs in-kind transfers, which allow you to keep any supported securities you have at your current brokerage. 

M1 only supports securities that trade on major stock exchanges to ensure liquidity. If you initiate a transfer with a security that is not listed on M1, the security will be liquidated. 

In addition, supported securities left outside of your portfolio will be sold, and the proceeds will be reinvested into your current portfolio. 

M1 can only transfer full shares. Any fractional shares will need to be liquidated at your current brokerage. 

  Can I Transfer to M1? Can the security be traded?
Supported stocks Yes


Supported Exchange traded funds (ETFs) Yes Yes
Directly registered shares, i.e. transfers from Computershare, EQ, AST Yes Yes***
Unsupported stocks/ ETFs* Yes No, liquidation on arrival**
Mutual funds Yes No, liquidation on arrival**
Options Yes No, keep until expiration
Treasury securities Yes No, keep until maturity
Corporate bonds Yes No, keep until maturity
Cryptocurrencies No N/A

*If you are unsure whether we support a specific security, you can log into M1 Finance and search for the security on the Research tab. 

**We charge to liquidate some securities that are transferred to M1. Please refer to our fee disclosures for liquidation fees. 

***Can be traded if shares of Supported stocks. Apex Clearing charges $115 per directly registered holding transferred to M1 Finance. 



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