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M1 Recommendations

M1 does not provide advice for your portfolio nor do we offer recommendations on specific securities.

However we do provide professionally curated Pies based on generally accepted investing principles that are designed to work for your entire portfolio.


Categories of Expert Pies Offered:

  • General Investing: Investing based on your risk tolerance.
  • Plan for Retirement: Invest for your target retirement date in a portfolio that adjusts to your goals as you age.
  • Responsible Investing: Sound financial options for the socially responsible investor.
  • Income Earners: Pies focused on dividends and income returns.
  • Hedge Fund Followers: Pies that mimic the investment strategies of some of the most successful investors and reputable hedge funds.
  • Stocks & Bonds: Low-cost pies with a simple balance of two ETFs, focused on stocks and bonds.
  • Other Strategies: Additional investment strategies. 

To see more about M1's professionally curated Pies, go to Discover M1 Pies

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