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All About Referrals

M1 Referrals: Give $10, Get $10 

How it works:

In order to be eligible, your M1 account must be funded.

To refer your friends: 

  • Open Dashboard (mobile) or click on your name (web)
  • Click Refer & Earn (this will only be visible if your account is funded)
  • Sign up
  • Choose your Payment Account
  • Share your unique referral link with friends

You can return to the referrals page after signing up to locate your unique referral link.


To be referred:

  • Create an account using your friend's unique referral link
  • Fund your account within 90 days of signing up
  • If you opened retirement account, you must also open a non-retirement account to receive your referral credit.


How do I get paid?

You will receive a $10 referral bonus in your Payment Account within 14 days of your friend signing up and funding their M1 account.

Once the referral qualifications are met, you will see your $10 promotion under Settings > Promotions. You may see this before the credit has been applied.

Once credited, you will see a $10 Promotional Credit in Activity.


Payment Accounts:

Referrals and other promotional credits are deposited into your designated "Payment Account". A Payment Account must be an individual or joint taxable brokerage account (funding not required). A Payment Account cannot be a retirement account. Both you and anyone you refer will be required to have an open brokerage account to receive referral credits. 

You can change you Payment Account at any time from Settings > Payment.

Without a valid payment account you will not be able to receive referral credits.



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