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Dividends in your M1 Portfolio

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Dividends

Your M1 Portfolio will display your dividends in two places: Performance and Activity


You will see your dividends in your performance when they are earned. It will be displayed in your Portfolio gain.








When dividends are paid, you will see the dividends by security in your activity feed. 






Paid dividends will collect in your cash balance. If a dividend payment causes your cash balance to exceed your cash control threshold, your cash balance will be automatically invested in your portfolio based on your target allocations.


Earned vs. Paid

Your earned dividends and your paid dividends (the dividends you have been paid that appear in activity) can and will be different.

A dividend has two important dates: Ex-Dividend, and Payable.

The Ex-Dividend Date: is the day a stock or fund must be owned by to be owed a dividend. All owners of the stock or fund before market open on the Ex-Dividend date will be paid the dividend.

The Payable Date: is the day a dividend will be paid to a stock or fund owner. It will always be after the Ex-Dividend date.


Stock ABC has an Ex-Dividend date on 1/15 and a Payable date on 1/25.

Stacy bought a share of ABC on 1/14 and Eddie bought a share of ABC on 1/15

Stacy bought a share of ABC on 1/14 and Eddie bought a share of ABC on 1/15. Stacy is owed the dividend and Eddie is not. Stacy will be paid the dividend on 1/25. Between 1/15 and 1/25, Stacy will have earned the dividend but it hasn't been paid.

You will always earn your dividends before they are paid.

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