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I connected my bank account with my routing and account number. Now what?

After initiating your bank connection to M1 with your routing and account number, you'll receive micro-deposits (two small deposits) to verify your bank account within a couple of business days. 

Example 1: Sandra connects her bank on Monday using her routing and account number, she should expect to see the two small deposits in her bank account on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Example 2: Matthew connects his bank on Friday, he should expect to see the two small deposits on the following Monday or Tuesday.

When you've received these small deposits in your bank account, log back into your M1 account and go back to "Funding".  Click on "Verify" and enter in the value of the 2 small amounts that showed up in your bank account (sometimes you will need to reverse the order).


After verifying the micro-deposits, you have connected your bank and you can begin depositing.

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