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Cash Deposits

Deposits occur when money is transferred into your M1 Portfolio from your connected bank account.

Creating Transfers 

The move money button is where you’ll find the option to create different types of transfers:

  1. Create a one-time transfer  
  2. The ‘Recurring Transfers’ option allows you to automate your transfers. Note that we created a new bi-weekly option!  
  3. Use the ‘Direct Deposit’ tab to find your M1 Spend bank account and routing number to set up paying your bills or depositing your paycheck in that account. – Note this option is only available for M1 Spend enrolled customers. 
  4. Have an account at another brokerage? Use the ‘Account Transfer’ to learn more on that process.  



Scheduled Deposits 

At M1, automation empowers users to create weekly and monthly schedules. Scheduled deposits are completed during the first trading window from the scheduled date. 

Examples: A user has a $1,000 scheduled deposit on the 1st of every month. If the 1st falls on a Tuesday, the deposit will credited Tuesday morning prior to M1's Trading Window. If the 1st falls on a Saturday, that deposit will generally be credited prior to Monday's Trading Window.


What happens with my deposit?

All deposits are received initially as cash in your portfolio. If a deposit pushes your cash value above your cash threshold, M1 will trade during the next available trading window. M1 has one Trading Window each trading day commencing at 9 am Central Time.

Example 1: A user submits a deposit at 1pm on Monday and has auto-investing enabled. The deposit will be initiated and traded upon during the next Trading Window, which in this example will usually be the Tuesday morning Trading Window, if that Tuesday is a trading day.

Example 2: A user makes a deposit for $100 on Saturday afternoon, and has a cash control threshold of $75. $75 will be held as cash and $25 will be traded during Monday's Trading Window.

If you have auto-investing turned off within Cash Balance Control in Funding, any deposits you make will be held as cash in your account.

Any cash flowing into your account can also be used to play a buy order for a specified part of your investment portfolio. Order requests override M1's automated trading, so your order requests will be fulfilled prior to any cash being invested based on M1's automated trading algorithm.


Additional Details

Pending Transfers

M1 only allows for a single pending transfer at a time. Until a transfer request is completed or canceled, you will be unable to create a new deposit or withdrawal. Before completion transfers can always be canceled in the funding tab. 

Trading Days

M1's trading window occurs at 9am CT every day the NYSE market is open. This is every weekday except for the NYSE holidays.



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