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Making your first deposit

By now, you’ve created your account and set your portfolio, now all you have to do to start investing is connect your bank and make your first deposit.

Connecting your bank

Navigate to the funding tab in the Invest section of the app and click the “Add bank” button. Click on your bank or search for your bank and sign in with your credentials.
On web:
On mobile:
Note: you can also connect your bank using your bank account and routing numbers with micro-deposits.

Funding your account

Now that your bank is connected, it’s time for your first deposit. You can do so a few different ways.
On web: 
Click on the “Deposit” button on the top right portion of the screen.
Alternate: navigate to the funding tab and click on the deposit button on the left. Then, set an amount, click “Continue” and then confirm that all the details look correct.
On mobile:
Tap on the top left corner to open up the Invest menu and navigate to the Funding tab. Click the “Deposit” button. Set an amount to invest, click “Continue,” and then confirm that all the details look correct.
M1 Tip: Did you know you can set recurring deposits to invest on a schedule? It’s an easy way to build your wealth automatically.
Check out this guide to learn how your deposits will flow into your investment portfolio.
To see pending activity, navigate to the Activity tab on either web or mobile. There, you’ll be able to see details about your deposit, pending buys, pending sells, dividends received, and more. 
Please note that M1 batches trades into a daily trading window to keep costs low and facilitate fractional shares. Learn more about our trading window here.
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