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Your Credit Status and Maintenance Calls

When you use M1 Borrow, your current borrowing status will be displayed to show you how far away your account is from a maintenance call.

If the value of your portfolio drops, your account can approach a required maintenance call.

M1 Borrow will display your current status, including color-coded ranges "Great", "Good", "Okay", "Caution", Danger", and finally "Maintenance Call"  

Maintenance Call 

If your account value drops so that your equity value is below our maintenance threshold, M1 will issue a maintenance call. The maintenance threshold is normally 30% of your account value but M1 may impose additional restrictions based on risk of securities held or portfolio concentration.

As an example, if your portfolio is originally $10,000 in equity and then you borrow $3,500, your account's total value would be $13,500. The equity percentage would be 74% in this case ($10,000/$13,500).

If your account loses value and your equity makes up less than 30% of your overall account value then there would be a margin call. The margin call is subject to be higher if you are invested in more risky securities like leveraged ETFs or highly volatile stocks. You can always see your current margin status on the borrow page.

When a maintenance call is issued your account will be frozen, you will have to either deposit additional cash or sell a portion of your portfolio to make up for the maintenance call. Please read all additional maintenance disclosures here: Margin Disclosures



Using margin involves risks: you can lose more than you deposit, you are subject to a margin call, and interest rates may change. To learn more about the risks associated with margin loans, please see our Margin Disclosure. M1 Borrow available on margin accounts with a balance of at least $10,000. Does not apply to retirement accounts.

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