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M1 Spend Visa™ Debit Card

M1 Spend is a traditional checking account that comes with a routing number and account number for ACH transactions and a Visa™ debit card.


Signing Up

Signing up for the debit card is very easy! 

- If you already have an account with M1, visit this page to sign up and opt in for M1 Spend. 

- If you are new to M1 (welcome!), you will need to sign up first which you can do here. After you create your account, you can click on the Spend tab and follow the instructions to sign up from there.  



M1 Spend will be available for use later this year. You can opt in to the standard M1 Spend account once M1 Spend is live. In the meantime, you can sign up for M1 Plus, our premium membership program that gives you perks across all three M1 accounts, early access to M1 Spend, and a premium tungsten metal debit card. For more information, check out our How it Works page.



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