Disputing a transaction from my M1 Spend checking

To report fraudulent activity or dispute a transaction: 


1. Log into your M1 account. 

2. Click “Spend”  

3. Click “Transactions” 

M1 Finance mobile account screen showing transactions section on Spend tab

4. Select the transaction you’d like to dispute.  

M1 Finance mobile account screen showing list of transactions

If you have more than one transaction, you will have to select each individually.  


5. At the bottom, click “Report issue with this transaction. 

M1 Finance mobile account screen showing transaction details and button to report issue with transaction

6. Be sure to lock your card.  

Locking your card doesn’t cancel your debit card. It simply stops future transactions from happening. You can unlock your card at any time in the app.

M1 Finance mobile screen showing report issue screen with option to lock your card

7. Contact us and include why you are disputing this transaction. 


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