M1 glossary

Portfolio - Your portfolio is made up of slices. Add custom 'my pies' and expert pies to organize your securities, each Pie is a Slice in your Portfolio. 

Pie – A Pie is a group of securities; Pies can be used to organize your portfolio and your investment strategy. Make your custom pie under the Research tab and set your target weights for different holdings. Expert pies are built by M1 and can also be added to your portfolio. 

Slice – A slice can be an individual security or a Pie. Portfolios can have an aggregate total of 100 Slices.   




Deposit – A Deposit refers to transferring money from your external bank into your M1 account. It is a Deposit into M1.  

Withdrawal – A Withdrawal refers to transferring money from M1 into your external bank account. It is a Withdrawal from M1.  

Account Rejected – Any newly opened account can be ‘rejected’ which means additional documentation is needed before it can be activated. M1 would need a state ID and utility bill as verification documents. Users are often ‘rejected’ because of a security freeze, a typo with their biographic information, or they are between the age of 18-23 and do not have a credit history. 

Auto-Invest – When this function is on and your cash balance exceeds $25, M1 will invest the funds automatically into the portfolio using the dynamic rebalancing method. You have the option to turn auto-invest off and make manual orders if you would prefer. 

Dynamic Rebalancing - With M1's Dynamic Rebalancing, every trade with new cash in your portfolio pushes you closer to the target percentages you set. Whenever your account makes new trades, the algorithm identifies slices that are most relatively underweight and puts money in those first. 

Manual Rebalance – A manual rebalance can take place on your full portfolio or one pie within your portfolio. This can be done by clicking the ‘rebalance’ button and M1 will sell off overweight securities and buy underweight securities. Your target percentages will become your actual percentages for each security. 

Buy/Sell Manually – You can place manual buy or sell orders on the portfolio, individual pies, or individual slices. On the portfolio tab, click directly on the pie or slice for the order then click the buy/sell button.




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