M1 Spend fees


ATM fees 

M1 does not charge any ATM fees, but the ATM you are using likely does. 

Signed up for M1 Plus?  

You get four ATM fee reimbursements per month. M1 Plus members will receive their reimbursement by the 10th day of the following month. 


Low balance fees 

There are no fees for failing to maintain a minimum balance. 


Transaction fees 

There are no transaction fees for using your M1 debit card. 


International fees 

When you use your card outside of the US, and the business does not settle transactions in US dollars, you are charged a 1% conversion fee. 

When you use your Visa debit card outside of the United States, and the merchant does settle the transaction in US dollars, you are charged a 0.80% International Assessment fee. 

You will not be charged both fees at one merchant. 


M1 Plus fee 

M1 Plus is a membership with an annual fee of up to $125. M1 Plus comes with plenty of perks that can optimize your M1 account. 


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