I’m on the waitlist. What should I expect? 

You’re first in line!  

We’re launching an exciting new product this fall. The waitlist is your chance to be the first to learn more details, enter for the chance to win limited edition swag each week, and get early access to the new product. 

You’ll also be automatically entered to win M1 Swag. Learn more about the swag sweepstakes


Not on the waitlist yet? 

If you’re not already on the waitlist, be sure to sign up! 


What happens next? 

Once you sign up for the waitlist, you’ll receive email updates and will be the first to know when we officially announce our new product. We’ll also be sharing hints and other fun announcements, like M1 swag sweepstakes winners, on social media, so make sure to follow us! 


When will you announce the new product? Can you give me any details now? 

We will announce our new product in the next few weeks! We don’t have a date to share for the official launch yet, but if you’re opening our emails and following us on social media, you’ll know. We have plenty more in store. 


Be sure to follow us on social media, if you’re not already! 






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