How to transfer between M1 accounts


Transfer between accounts through M1 Spend 

The easiest way to move funds from one account to another is through a Checking account with M1 Spend. You can access Spend by clicking on the "Spend" tab on your account.  

M1 Finance account screen showing Spend tab

Transfer between accounts through your external bank 

If you don’t want to open a Spend account, you will need to withdraw the funds back to your external bank account, then re-deposit them into the other M1 account through the “Transfers” tab.

M1 Finance account screen showing Transfers tab 

Request an internal transfer between accounts through our support team 

To request an internal transfer between accounts, please contact us.


What can you expect with this process? 

Once our transfers team submits your request, if approved, it will typically complete within three to four business days.   

Trading will be paused on both accounts during the transfer process. Please make sure that the receiving account has the proper “Auto-Invest" settings and a Pie you would like to use going forward after the transfer completes.  

Dividends may be paid to the delivering account from this transfer. Please let our support team know when dividends are received so we can request that they be manually swept over.   

Please contact us for any other questions about transferring between M1 accounts. 


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