What is the Owner’s Rewards Card by M1?

The Owner’s Rewards Card by M1* is a credit card that integrates with your M1 accounts*. 

This one-of-a-kind card, exclusively for M1 Plus members, will allow you to propel your long-term financial goals while you spend.  

You’ll get up to 10% cash back** on purchases from some of your favorite brands you invest in within your M1 portfolio. 

Learn more about the perks that come with the Owner’s Rewards Card. 


What is the waitlist? 

By joining the waitlist, you’ll be first in line for the Owner’s Rewards Card by M1. You will be notified when your early access to apply for the card is available. 

If you’re not already on the waitlist, be sure to sign up! 


Swag sweepstakes 

You’ll also be automatically entered to win M1 Swag. Learn more about the swag sweepstakes. 

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*Trust and custodial account holdings are not eligible to qualify for Owner’s Rewards. 

**Review card disclosures for details, disclosures will be accessible once credit card applications are made available and are subject to change. 






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