Unlock your account with a free year of M1 Plus 

During your free year you’ll get access to all the perks of Plus for no cost. 

  • Custodial accounts (Available for M1 Invest only) 
  • Smart Transfers  
  • 2% loans through M1 Borrow* ­ 
  • Two trade windows** 
  • 1% APY*** checking 
  • 1% cash back 

M1 Finance M1 Plus benefits, custodial accounts, smart transfers, M1 Borrow two trade windows, 1% APY checking, 1% cash back

There’s no catch, it only takes a minute to sign up, and you can cancel anytime in your account settings.   

Get started today for free! 


*Borrowing involves additional risk, including losing more than deposited. Rates may vary. Customers with $5,000+ marginable securities are eligible for M1 Borrow. Not available for retirement accounts, custodial accounts, and trust accounts. 

** Participate in both windows daily when you have $25,000 or more in your investment portfolio to comply with pattern-day trading regulations.  

*** No minimum balance to open account. No minimum balance to obtain APY (annual percentage yield) APY valid from opening. Fees may reduce earnings. Rates may vary. 


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