What are Owner’s Rewards? 


Owner’s Rewards are cash back rewards for purchases made with the Owner’s Rewards Card by M1, available exclusively for M1 Plus members.

You’ll earn with every purchase you make at participating businesses if you also own the company’s stock in your eligible M1 Invest account. 

Learn more about how to qualify for Owner’s Rewards.   


Rewards tiers 

Owner’s Rewards will be assigned by stock ticker into one of three reward tiers:  

Tier 1: 2.5% cash back 

Tier 2: 5% cash back 

Tier 3: 10% back.  

Purchases that qualify for Owner’s Rewards cannot also qualify for the standard 1.5% cash back. 

Example: A purchase that qualifies for 10% in total rewards, will not receive the standard 1.5% cash back. The rewards will be 10%, not 11.5%. 



Trust and custodial account holdings are not eligible to qualify for Owner’s Rewards.  Date of ownership of a share(s) is generally twenty-four (24) hours after a trade order for such share(s) is successfully executed, but may take up to three (3) business days.


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