M1 Spend wire FAQs 


How long will it take for my wire transfer to go through?  

A wire transfer can be completed in two to five business days.  

When you contact M1 Support to request a wire transfer, we’ll provide documents to fill out and submit through the secure link provided.  

When the documents are submitted, it will take up to two business days to complete a wire transfer.  

Will I receive confirmation once my wire has gone through?  

Once we receive confirmation that the wire is complete, our support team will send over an email notifying you. 

Outgoing wire transfers to an external bank account can take up to one business day to be reflected. 


Is there a fee associated with wire transfers into or out of my Spend account?  

There is a $25 fee for all outgoing wire transfers. 

Incoming wire transfers don’t have any fees.  


Why was my wire transfer rejected?  

Please contact us before initiating a wire transfer into M1.

Incoming wire transfers that are initiated into M1 Finance without approval from our team will be rejected and sent back to the originating institution.  

For outgoing wire transfers, if receiving bank wire instructions aren’t provided correctly it might be rejected on the receiving end. The receiving institution might also charge fees.  


What must be submitted to M1 Support before the Spend wire transfer can be completed?  

For outgoing wire transfers, please submit the following: 

  • Wire transfer form (form provided once you reach out to the support team)  
  • Includes amount, account and routing numbers, names, and signatures. 
  • Receiving institution’s wire instructions 
  • Reason for wire transfer  

Once the wire transfer documents are submitted correctly, the wire transfer will be completed within the next two business days.  

For incoming wire transfers, we require the submission of the items below:  

  • Amount 
  • Delivering institution
  • Reason for wire transfer 
  • M1’s incoming wire instructions are sent out to the delivering institution once we receive the information provided above. Wires are received within two business days from when they were sent.  


Do normal ACH limits apply when sending a wire to or from my Spend account?  

Please refer to the Spend or Spend Plus Truth in Savings disclosure for ACH limits. 


Is there a minimum or maximum amount that I can wire to or from M1 Spend?  

No, there is not a maximum limit on the wire requests into or out of M1 Spend.  


Will I be notified if there are any issues with my wire transfer?  

If your wire transfer is not completed correctly, a member of our team will reach out to update you on the issue and when the transfer will go through correctly.  

If you have sent back your wire transfer documents, initiated your wire transfer, and it has been more three business days, please reach out to us.

International wire not allowed. Domestic wires only. 


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