What are received securities?

After a brokerage account transfer or corporate action when new securities are received by M1 on your behalf, these new securities may be displayed outside your Pie. All holdings, including those inside and outside your Pie, will appear within your “Holdings” tab. 


Within the “Holdings” tab and Invest “Portfolio” tab, a banner will display at the top of your screen if you have holdings outside your pie. From there you can navigate to any holdings outside your pie.  


Typically these positions are from a brokerage account transfer or corporate action. Depending on whether M1 supports your received position (i.e. if the security is traded on the M1 platform), holdings outside your Pie can be: 

  • Added to your Pie 
  • Liquidated  
  • Held outside your Pie.  


 Mutual funds are not supported on the M1 platform and will be automatically sold at the end of the business day. Proceeds will reflect in your cash balance in 1-2 business days. 


Fractional shares can transfer between firms that use Apex. If the transfer is coming from a non-Apex firm, the fractional shares will be liquidated at the contra and cash proceeds will be sent along with whole shares to M1/Apex. 


M1 supported holdings: Move to your Pie or liquidate 

All supported securities outside your pie may be moved into your Pie. From here, you may move the holdings in your pie or choose to liquidate. 


Holdings M1 does not support: Contact us 

For any unsupported (options, bonds, mutual funds, etc.) or delisted securities outside your pie, click the “Contact Us” button for next steps. 


Other Holdings: Hold outside your Pie or transfer out of M1 

These holdings are both unsupported and cannot be sold by M1. You may either hold this security outside your pie or transfer these securities outside of M1.


Keep in mind, if you hold these securities outside your pie, performance data will still be available. 


What types of securities will show up here?  


You may have received securities from a recent brokerage account transfer from an outside brokerage firm to M1.  

Fractional Shares & Mutual Funds 

We’re unable to transfer mutual funds or fractional shares. These shares will be liquidated, and the value will appear in your cash balance.  


Right Received  

You may receive a Right as a shareholder when you can purchase newly issued shares of company stock at a specific exercise price. This offering takes place before the shares are offered to the rest of the public and have a short-term expiration date. This right is held outside your portfolio and will expire if you do not take action.  


Position Adjustment 

A position adjustment highlights when M1 has updated your holding. 


Name Change 

When a name of a company changes it may appear in your holdings not in your Pie. The ticker symbol will remain the same.  


Cusip Change 

A Cusip Change highlights that a unique identifier (called a cusip) for the stock did change, but the ticker symbol of this stock remained the same.  


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